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Are you on the seed hunt for your next grow?


We present you selected strains with the most interesting terpene profiles that we have chosen from renowned seed banks.


From an extensive range of regular, feminized or automatic seeds, we always choose our 5 favorites per breeder to give you an easier decision.


Discover outstanding quality and variety, combined with simplicity and a deep appreciation for the plant, all in one place.


Our shop is expected to launch in August 2024


We want to offer a platform for the best seed banks and breeders in the world.

Our mission is to combine innovation from outstanding new breeders and tradition from established legends.


We also want to provide a detailed, interesting background and context for each strain.


What’s the origin and genetics, including (grand-)parents, what related pedigrees and background stories are there?


As a collective of breeders and growers, we share a common passion, love and enthusiasm for cannabis.

Get to know us and our vision better!

Visit our website or send us an email.

We're excited to connect with you, let's grow!

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